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Scuderia West Fall Event October 9-10

Yes, it's that time of year again, and for those readers like myself who are fans of Scuderia West, this is a once a year opportunity, their fall open house. Scuderia West has always had a great selection of higher quality gear, and this weekend it will be on sale from 10 to 50% off.  Better yet, the Vanson rep (maybe Kim Van der Sleeson?) will be on hand to help with custom fitting.  This is the time to get a perfect fit on gear, boots, and whatever with the help of the factory reps. I ... Read more

Who Is Going?

The motorcycle industry and riders all across the country are looking forward to Sturgis, and wondering who is going to attend.  Factors include the aging of the V-Twin riding population, the continued downturn in the economy, and the length of the current recession. Of course, once everyone gets there, none of this matters.  Sturgis is the great granddaddy of riding events, and the most mandatory of any. Daytona has had a drop in participation, and no one is sure why.  Hopefully, Sturg... Read more

BMW Moto SF Motorcycle Rally August 20-22

BMW Moto SF has 36 spots that they are filling for an end of summer motorcycle rally around Lassen August 20-22. The ride is tent camping only, but the park has hot showers, flush toilets, and a small general store. As always at BMW Moto SF, General Manager Larry Saenz is the point man if you have any questions or want more information. Phone number is 415-503-9943, or www.bmwmotorcycle.com. By the way, if you are at the dealership, they have these ridiculously cool little towels tha... Read more

Scuderia West Spring Open House

I like Scuderia West.  Their shop has one of the best thought out stocks of merchandise out there, and they carry a lot of quality gear that is hard to find elsewhere. For me, the start of riding season is marked by their spring open house.  This event, marked by free barbeque, merchandise discounts which range from 10-60%, and vendor representatives is an intelligent and excellent start to the riding season.   Last year, a vice president of Alpinestar fit me with riding boots.  I wound u... Read more

MotoCzysz to Run in Electric Motorcycle Race

As a fan of Michael Czysz, I would really like to see him get some racing satisfaction. Everyone says the bikes are fantastic.  Certainly the engineering is way forward.  But so far, they just haven't had the success that many would like them to see. So it will be very cool to watch their Isle of Man effort this year.  The bike has a carbon fibre frame, 220 horsepower, and is under 350 pounds. According to race promoters, the newly named TT Zero race (zero emissions, of course)  is ... Read more

Carnegie Park Dirt Bike Day

This last weekend I rented a dirt bike from Thunder Road Motorsports, in their Livermore location. The owner, Michael, and his wife came down specially to set me up, and waited for me at the end of the day.  This is amazing, since they live about an hour from the location.  Although I didn't need it, Michael also loaned me a loading ramp at no charge. Carnegie Park is about a half hour away, and has everything you need for a day of fun. I used the concrete loading platform at the park... Read more

Fryed Brothers Band Movie to Debut at Maui Film Festival

Daron Ker at Water Buffalo Films will be showing I Ride, the incredible story of the Fryed Brothers Band, at the Maui Film Festival. Long the buzz of the motorcycle world, this long awaited film is certain to be a major, major hit in the riding world. Everyone knows the Fryed Brothers as a truly terrific band, and most know that they limit themselves to biker events. I know that they have been very good to yours truly, and that their tunes are awesome in an ipod for those riders who lis... Read more

Jack Gagen, Noted Motorcyclist

Jack Gagen, whose baseball decorated Harley took him to every major league park in the country, died in his sleep after watching the Superbowl. Those who knew Jack, even slightly, could not help but admire his spirit, his energy, and his tremendous love of life and people. He was the life of the party, and wherever he was, so was the party. An interesting and intelligent man, and everyone's favorite rider, his wife Marilyn was one of the first women in the country to become a partner at... Read more

Time To Plan

It is almost exactly six month from the 2008 Sturgis event, and almost exactly six month until the 2009 Sturgis event. I thought this would be a good time to remind everyone to make plans now, if you haven't already. Last year 400,000 riders attended, with advertisers, events, revenue for local governments, and all the fun, camaraderie, and tradition associated with this biggest of events.  Next year should be the same. There is little evidence that the economy will play a major role in d... Read more

Laguna Seca Red Bull Grand Prix

As we get ready for the annual big event at Laguna Seca, arrangements have been made to meet the racers. Chris Vermeulen, Horge Lorenzo, Ben Bostrom, Eric Bostrom, Joey Pascarella, Cameron Gish, and Toriano Wilson will be available Tuesday, July 15, 2008 at 11:30 at the San Francisco Hard Rock Cafe'. A side note is that the ACE cafe, the London prototype for all the biker cafes that followed it, will have a replica built for this year's Sturgis rally. There is nothing for motorcycle rid... Read more