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How Motorcycle Accidents Happen

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In 1996 there were 67,000 motorcycles involved in police-reported crashes, of which 40 percent (27,000) were single vehicle crashes. Many of the causes of motorcycle crashes may be attributed to lack of experience or failure to appreciate the inherent operating characteristics and limitations of the motorcycle.

These factors require motorcyclists to take special precautions and place more emphasis on defensive driving. A motorcyclist, for example, has to be more alert at intersections, where most motorcycle-vehicle collisions occur. About one-third of multi-vehicle motorcycle crashes are a result of other motorists turning into the path of the motorcycle.

More than other vehicle drivers, motorcyclists must remain visible at all times, and anticipate what might happen. For example, motorcyclists must anticipate that drivers making left turns may not see them and prepare to make defensive maneuvers.

They also must be more cautious when riding in inclement weather, on slippery surfaces, or when encountering obstacles on the roadway.

Motorcyclists must place greater reliance on their helmet, eye protection, and clothing to reduce the severity of injury should they become involved in a crash. Every new motorcyclist should attend a motorcycle training course to learn how to safely operate a motorcycle.

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