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How To Reduce Your Risk Of A Serious Motorcycle Accident?

“I’ve become used to the idea that even seriously injured motorcycle riders are very concerned about their motorcycles. Many go through months of rehab to go back to their love of riding. Some have to have custom adaptations so that they can work the controls”

Mike Padway, Motorcycle Attorney

About Motorcycle Information for Avoiding Accidents

Michael Padway & Associates wants to educate the biking community on the importance of safety and the responsibility that comes with owning a motorcycle. Taking the necessary precautions and riding with awareness can save lives.

  • Motorcycle Helmet Safety: View the latest statistics revealing why wearing a helmet reduces your risk of serious injury and even death during a motorcycle accident.
    Click here.
  • Motorcycle Accident Statistics: View the statistics proving that the motorcycle helmet laws really do save lives. Click here.
  • Motorcycle Resources: Learn more about the safety advocacy groups who are dedicated to motorcycle safety awareness. Click here.
  • Motorcycle Safety Training: Use these 8 tips to reduce your chance of injury. Click here.
  • Motorcycle Safety Tips: Use these 7 tips to reduce your passenger’s chance of injury. Click Here.

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About the Author

Michael Padway is a motorcycle accident attorney with over 40 years of experience in motorcycle cases. He’s been a lifelong motorcycle rider, and fanatic for its culture, advocacy, and safety. If you need assistance with a motorcycle accident, contact him at (800) 928-1511 or visit michaelpadway.com for a free consultation.