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Cost Of Injuries Resulting From Motorcycle Accidents

Are Motorcycle Accidents More Costly Than Auto Accidents When It Comes To Personal Injuries And Damages?

The injuries are likely to be more serious with motorcycles than with a car. Starting with the most serious injury, which is death, motorcyclists are 37 times more likely to be killed in an accident than the driver of a car. Head injuries are of course much more common because typically the rider is thrown from the motorcycle, which means that a very high percentage of riders hit their heads.

For the same reason, spinal cord injuries are far more common than they are in auto accidents as well as amputations, which are very, very rare in an auto accident and unfortunately not as rare in a motorcycle accident. When you get down to the level of less or closed head injuries and serious fractures of the limbs, motorcyclist tends to suffer more.

So, yes, motorcycle injuries tend to be far more serious at least statistically than accidents from car accidents.

Will The Treatment Of Injuries And Medical Care Be More Costly Than In An Auto Accident?

Yes. That follows absolutely. The medical care tends to be far more expensive and this creates a secondary problem which is, a lot of times, the injuries are so severe that they tax the amount of coverage that’s available for medical treatment because a lot of policies have limits on how much treatment they’ll pay for.

Different policies have limitations. The more the medical bills are, the more difficult it can become to work around the limitations of the policies. Also, as the injuries tend to get more complicated, it can become more difficult to get a policy to cover a referral to a particular expert or a specialist.

Who Is Going To Pay The Medical Bills When Someone Is Injured In A Motorcycle Accident?

The problem is that almost invariably, there is a need to pay for the medical care first because generally, the only payment that you get is at the end of the case, which is likely to be a year or more after the accident. So, that’s a real problem.

In motorcycle accident cases, people have to get treatment and keep themselves together for long enough for the case to proceed to a settlement or a judgment at trial. This can be very, very difficult with the serious injury because not only is a lot of money put into the medical bills, but typically people are either working less or not working at all.

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