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Been in a motorcycle accident? We can help.

Michael Padway & Associates is the first choice for an Oakland motorcycle accident attorney. Get answers to all your important questions today by submitting an online request for a free case evaluation or by giving us a call.

We’re not just motorcycle accident lawyers, we’re motorcycle riders too. We know the risks you take every time you get on your bike, and that even the most experienced riders can end up in unavoidable accidents on the road. Michael Padway & Associates is here to ensure that your case is taken care of quickly.

Until your case is settled, Michael Padway & Associates will provide hands-on care from our experienced motorcycle accident attorneys. We are able to provide specialized attention to each unique case we represent. Our motorcycle accident attorneys are certified with the American Bar Association, and will guide you through the litigation process and ensure that your case is presented in the most effective manner possible. Our six-step process through the claims process will identify your priorities as a client, and pull together all the necessary resources to solve your case quickly.

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