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Hiring An Experienced Attorney In A Motorcycle Injury Case

Does Having An Experienced Attorney Affect The Way Insurance Companies Evaluate Your Case Than If You Were Doing It Alone?

Just as with anything else, experience makes a huge difference. There are almost an infinite number of variations and unless someone’s had experience with all those variations, they are likely to be surprised and make mistakes that wouldn’t be made if they had been through this situation before and if they know what the solution is.

For an individual to do a motorcycle accident without an attorney properly is virtually impossible. The only time that can be done with so called success is if there is so little insurance coverage available that the insurance company offers the policy almost immediately but in that situation, the amount of coverage is going to be ridiculously inadequate. So that isn’t really a successful handling of the case; that’s just a quick handling of the case.

Even in that situation, there are going to be medical providers with liens who need to be paid and it would be extremely difficult for someone who had never done it before to get on the phone with the insurance companies and try to negotiate a reduction in the amount that will satisfy their billing.

Will The Threat Or Willingness Of An Attorney To Go To Trial If Needed Enhance The Likelihood Of A Larger Settlement From Insurance Companies?

The day when insurance companies were interested in settling and closing files as a high priority goal are long gone. For quite a few years now, the thrust of insurance companies has been to fight claims, delay claims and pay heavily reduced amounts and they are very good at doing that. Therefore, a great deal of skill and effort is required and if an attorney is not willing to take a case to trial, the big negotiating tool is no longer there that otherwise is probably the best tool for getting a case settled.

Insurance companies settle cases either because they are concerned about the possibility of the big verdict or in a smaller case, because of the expense of dealing with the case. And if all that you’ve got to offer is that the expense of the dealing with the case can come to an end, it’s not really very much to offer.

How Is The Settlement Money Divided Between Medical Bills, Attorney Fees And Future Costs?

People are often concerned about how the settlement money will be divided and that’s a realistic concern. A lot of costs and expenses are going to come out of the settlement or a judgment, which is why it’s important to see that the settlement or judgment is as large as it can be because the more that you start with, the best chance you have of having more leftover at the end.

Every credible study that’s ever looked at this has come to the conclusion that clients do better when they have an attorney after attorney’s fees, after costs, after paying all the medical bills than those people who don’t have an attorney and try to handle the case themselves.

Since you’re not likely to be able to handle the case yourself anyway successfully, you’ll simply delay the case by not knowing how to do it and during the period of delay, you end up doing pretty serious damage to the case.

What Experience Does Michael Padway & Associates Have To Maximize A Settlement Offer And Assistance In Dealing With These Insurance Companies?

Attorney Michael Padway has literally been doing this kind of work for more than 40 years, which is an enormous amount of time. In that time, he’s learned an enormous amount about how to handle these cases. He’s also had time to refine the process of getting a case from start to finish in a way that is beneficial for the client and makes the process comfortable while still leading to a very favorable result. It’s very difficult to find an attorney who has that much experience in anything, much less in the field of motorcycle accidents.

Importance Of Hiring An Experienced Attorney

The biggest thing is not to be afraid of the cost but to make sure that you have an attorney who has the ability to advance the costs that are going to be necessary to handle a larger case. These cases are not inexpensive. And in order to present a significant injury, the attorney absolutely has to make sure that in addition to the treating doctors, where necessary, arrangements are made with specialists who are expert in presenting and defining the particular injury.

For example, it’s pretty uncommon for a doctor who is treating a head injury to order a neuropsychological evaluation. If they do it, they likely will only do it once. An attorney handling a head injury will know when a neuropsychological evaluation is necessary to present the evidence and it may be necessary to perform that evaluation more than once over time in order to show that the injury is either permanent or maybe even progressing.

Those things are not going to happen without an attorney who knows what they are doing and who has the financial wherewithal to engage these experts which is an extremely expensive proposition. It’s surprising how many attorneys there are out there who are not in a position to financially handle a large case and get a large case ready to be presented it at trial which may need to be done but even to settle the case, that preparation has to take place because if the defense sees that it’s not taking place, they’ll know that it’s not possible to present the case properly.

For an attorney to be successful in these cases, they not only have to know the law side of things, but also have a pretty good handle on the medical aspect of it as well.

It is not uncommon at all for a good attorney to realize that there is a diagnosis that’s incorrect or that there is an injury which has not been diagnosed at all.

On more than one occasion, Attorney Michael Padway has been able to send a client to the correct specialist in situations where that doctor or even the original doctor, after having input from the expert, will realize that surgery is necessary. So, the medical knowledge is very, very important in these cases.

Michael recently had a case where he was representing someone who is himself an expert in head injuries and didn’t realize what the correct diagnosis of his head injury was until Michael insisted that he see a specialist who was able to not only diagnose it but to order the correct diagnostic studies to be done which absolutely proved the existence of the injury that otherwise would have been missed.

All this comes from the years of experience and seeing all of these different types of cases. When you see things multiple times, you begin to recognize them.

It is important to Hire An Experienced Attorney If You Have Been In A Motorcycle Accident. Call the office of Michael Padway & Associates for a free initial consultation at (800) 928-1511 and get the information and legal answers you’re seeking.

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