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Filing a Lawsuit with your Oakland Motorcycle Injury Attorney: What kind of damages can you recover?

When a motorcycle rider is involved in an accident there are also costs that they can be compensated for and this includes the repair or replacement of the motorcycle and after market parts, this means a fair market price. Other expenses include:

  • Compensation for custom work.
  • Medical expenses.
  • Vehicle rental fees.
  • Lost wages as well as future lost earnings.
  • The loss of the title and tax if the motorcycle is replaced.

This might sound impossible to receive from an insurance company but with an experienced Oakland motorcycle injury attorney, and a properly prepared case it is an obtainable goal and you CAN receive the property damage settlement that is fair.

How do you know which Oakland motorcycle injury attorney to choose?

We are the lawyers you call because we are Oakland motorcycle injury attorneys who ride. We know what your experiencing and empathize with you. Looking out for our clients, there are no fees unless there is a settlement. Also, we understand that you’ll have many questions and concerns if you or a loved one have been involved in an accident.

Whether you’re looking for an Oakland motorcycle injury attorney or just a reliable motorcycle attorney located in the San Francisco Bay Area, you need the protection of an advocate who won’t leave you wondering whats going on. You need a representative who will answer all your questions promptly, and fight aggressively for you, both in and out of court.

How Many Years Experience Do You Have As An Oakland Motorcycle Injury Attorney?

When looking to hire your motorcycle injury attorney, you’ll find plenty of options in Oakland, CA. Michael Padway & Associates have specialized in representing motorcyclists in personal injury cases for over 30 years. We pride ourselves on an ability to apply technical motorcycle knowledge and years of professional experience to win your personal injury care.

How often will you provide updates on my case?

There are many attorneys who advertise themselves as handling motorcycle accidents.  Few of these actually handle the cases themselves.  Anyone calling the big advertising law firms will soon find that they have little or no access to the attorney they think they are calling.

I am the exception to this rule, because my goal is helping fellow riders.  As a result, callers are routinely surprised to find how accessible I am.  On a daily basis I help people who have questions related to their motorcycle accidents, even when it is obvious early in the conversation that they do not have a case that I will take on.

This accessibility doesn’t stop with the first call.  I am obsessive about returning calls, and my clients get an enormous amount of my time.  Any time they want an update, they can email or call.  As a result, my law practice has always relied on word of mouth as the primary source of clients.

After I do the initial intake, I personally prepare the client for deposition, go with the client to defense medical examinations, and see to it that every step of the way I personally prepare the client, so that they always feel ready and in control.

I do not know of a single motorcycle-savvy attorney that provides this level of personal attention.  None.

As the result of this effort, my clients are invariably successful in settling their cases.

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