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Motorcycle Accident Settlement

The lawsuit process designed by Michael Padway & Associates, will help you get your life back together and get you the maximum settlement possible. Our personal injury attorneys use a 6 step lawsuit process designed to get you back on the road with the right settlement. Best of all, there are no fees unless we win!

Michael Padway & Associates 6-Step Lawsuit Process:

  • Step #1: We spend time discussing your case with you and the legal ramifications of it. From our first meeting we will start to deal with any problems that need to be addressed in your case. By starting early, we can be thorough and way ahead of the other side (the opposition) which will help you to avoid being caught unprepared by them. This also makes certain that your injuries will be presented completely so you can get full compensation for all of your damages.
  • Step #2: Next we’ll start gathering the information we need so that your case can immediately go forward in the courts if we feel that a law suit will be necessary to get full compensation. By doing this we avoid having the case drag on for many extra months or even years.
  • Step #3: Then we’ll proceed by carefully explaining the lawsuit process to you including the potential pitfalls to avoid, and the opportunities we can take advantage of. We’ll also make sure you’re prepared and comfortable throughout the lawsuit process so you can remain focused. This avoids an inadvertent disaster, and it presents your case in the best light for the best motorcycle accident settlement.
  • Step #4: We help you Review your medical care and your injuries and where appropriate we will discuss options for documenting and presenting the injuries that you have.
  • Step #5: We review your case, your medical care, your injuries and your damages for the purpose of determining if there are experts available who can explain your case to help you win it.
  • Step #6: We will combine all discovered data including medical evidence, expert evidence, the information you’ve provided to us, and the materials we’ve gathered throughout the lawsuit process. Then with input from you we will produce a coherent settlement package that can be successfully presented at an arbitration, mediation, settlement conference, or trial. We take into account all the ways that the accident has impacted your life, and all the ways that it will change your life in the future so that nothing is left out.

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