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Why do I need local motorcycle attorneys in Redwood City?

When you’re looking to hire motorcycle attorneys, it’s important to hire someone local. Motorcycle Attorneys from Redwood City know the roads well. We know the all the hot spots for accidents and where motorcyclists are most frequently injured.

Redwood City motorcycle attorneys will help you present your case accurately and get the kind of settlement you deserve. We make sure all the right paperwork is filed, and offer consulting advice throughout the duration of your case. Many Redwood City motorcycle attorneys consider their job finished when you receive a settlement without offering advice. Our motorcycle attorneys want you to feel confident and secure throughout the duration of our case.

How many years of experience do your Redwood City motorcycle attorneys have handling motorcycle/personal injury claims?

Michael Padway & Associates has over 30 years of experience as motorcycle attorneys, and specializes in handling motorcycle personal injury cases. We employ a six step process that that will help clearly target outline your objectives and resolve your case quickly. Throughout our six step process, we make sure to keep you informed and in the loop with all proceedings so you can rest easy that your case is in good hands.

Who can be sued by Redwood City motorcycle attorneys?

There are multiple parties that can be held liable for motorcycle accidents. You are allowed to sue anyone who is at fault for your injuries including individuals and large companies. The at-fault party is regarded as such because they were most likely driving in a manner that violated traffic laws. You may also sue the owner of a vehicle, if they gave permission to drive to someone else. If there was a defective or faulty product involved in your injury, you may also sue the manufacturer responsible. Governmental offices may also be sued for unsafe road conditions.

Whatever your situation, do not feel discouraged or unsure about your next steps. Contact Michael Padway & Associates and we will help you decide which course of action will get you the results you’re looking for.

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