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Why Is It Important To Hire A Motorcycle Accident Attorney To Handle Your Case?

Are People Without A Motorcycle Accident Attorney Aware Of Technical Issues?

There are some attorneys who know how to do the functional capacity evaluation and who deal regularly with vocational rehabilitation specialists and forensic economists etc. However, these attorneys are at the top of the game because they are handling much more serious accidents than an average attorney is handling. Attorneys who handle motorcycle accidents regularly see larger and more substantial kinds of injuries which is why they tend to have more experience with what’s required to handle a case with permanent injuries.

What Is Vocational Rehabilitation?

Vocational rehabilitation is a field for individuals who will review the medical records and reports and see what the injury is and then relate that injury to the way in which it affects a person’s ability to earn a living in their present occupation as well as future occupations.

Someone may be able to work for a period of time even though they’re in a lot of pain. An employer may make accommodations for them so that at least for a limited period they can continue to perform the job they had before the accident.

But going forward, they may not be able to continue in that occupation and someone has to be capable of expressing opinions based on evidence as to what someone will be able to do going forward in the future. They may need to be retrained into a completely different occupation.

If someone who works at a desk has a head injury, he may have to do a completely different kind of work than what they’re doing. If you don’t know where to go to have these things quantified in a very precise way, your evidence will be less convincing. And in the larger cases, it just has to be done.

Forensic Economic Expert’s Role In A Claim Case

The forensic economist is the numbers guy. Once you have a functional capacity evaluation and have completed the vocational rehabilitation consultation, the forensic economist can take that information and translate it into hard numbers so that you can see going forward to the end of a person’s working life how much they’re either going to lose and what their costs will be for medical care and other expenses that are necessitated by their injuries.

Can Hiring An Experienced Attorney Lead To A Larger Settlement And Make The Process Easier?

It’s not just easier. The fact is that for almost anyone, it’s impossible to do this without an attorney who knows what they are doing. So if you are going to have an attorney, it certainly makes sense to get an attorney who has experience with serious injuries. These cases require presenting a serious injury as opposed to someone who is a general personal injury specialist and is spending a lot of their time doing cases that don’t require these kinds of experts and this kind of an evidentiary presentation.

Those attorneys do occasionally go the full route, but it’s not the same as having someone who does it all the time or regularly and can just do it so much better as with anything else requiring experience.

Issues Someone Can Face When Representing Themselves

The other thing that someone can’t do for themselves is they can’t look to have a situation with an independent eye and with the expertise to know what they’re looking at. They may not be aware of any other way of doing.

So it is important to hire an experienced attorney because a good lawyer knows what he’s doing and he’s going to obtain so much more money. With an experienced attorney, your net recoverable would be way greater than it would be any other way.

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