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We are not just lawyers representing motorcyclists. We’re riders, advocates and junkies for any newsworthy events in the motorcycle community. Michael Padway & Associates is here not only to provide excellent representation during your court case, but to educate you on motorcycle safety and protect a beloved American pastime with a great motorcycle blog!

Here in the Motorcycle Blog, you’ll find tasty tidbits on current events on the motorcycle community including news on motorcycle laws and local events. We’ll provide you with detailed product reviews, breaking down the best and worst of safety gear. You’ll also get groundbreaking updates on technological advancements in motorcycle specification and safety technology. We’ll help keep you safe with motorcycle safety tips and resources while helping you gear up for your next ride with unique local destinations to visit.

So sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

Motorcycle Lane Splitting: Legality by State + Guidelines

.border{ border-style:solid; padding:20px 20px 20px 20px; width:370x; line-height:33px; margin-left:15px; margin-top:20px; margin-right:20px; margin-bottom:20px; float:right; font-color:blue; } Is it Lane Splitting Legal in my State? The Legal Definition of Lane Splitting Lane Filtering, Lane Sharing, and Lane Splitting Safety Guidelines Safety Precautions The Four R's Do's and Don'ts of Lane Splitting You either love it or hate it, lane splitting i... Read more

Common Defective Products And Injuries

Defective products are responsible for over 30 million injuries each year. Products can be defective and cause injury because of the way they are designed, manufactured, or labeled. From your hair dryer to your car, any consumer product that is defective in some way has the potential to cause serious injury. The most common types of defective products include: Defective vehicles. Defective automobiles pose a serious threat to safety because the defects can lead to car accidents that injur... Read more

How to Value Your Own Injury Claim

At the end of your case, all you will have is money.  Compensation, hopefully, for the injuries caused by someone else who was careless.  What everyone wants to know, is what the case is worth.  How much should it settle for? What will a jury do with your set of facts? Of course, if the answer was simple, there would be a chart with injuries on the left, amounts on the right.  It isn't simple.  An ironworker with a broken leg needs more compensation than a disc jockey, who can contin... Read more

Fatalities Higher During Holiday Time

The holidays should be a time filled with tons of joy. However, for many individuals and/or families it is a time of tragic vehicle accidents. Sometimes motorized accidents are out of one's hands. It is important to be safe while driving especially during the holidays. If you find yourself in a vehicle crash that you are the victim consider contacting a car accident lawyer. A car accident lawyer can help you receive the justice you deserve from the vehicle at fault. During wintertime holida... Read more

Buying Motorcycle Boots

Motorcycle Boots are designed to help minimize injuries to the foot and lower leg.  This is one of the more common areas to be injured in an accident.  Boots, like any footwear, need to be comfortable.  Boots that are not comfortable can be really irritating. Think about how hot the boots will be, or how insulated, and what kind of temperatures you are likely to find yourself in when you have to walk or ride wearing them. From a safety standpoint, the main requirement of motorcycle boots i... Read more

Do I Really Need a Lawyer to Settle My Insurance Claim?

This has to be one of the most common questions asked when someone is injured in an accident. We have all seen thousands of commercials claiming "Like a Good Neighbor", "Good Hands", "State Farm is There", Nationwide "is on your side".  The insurance companies spend millions of dollars promoting the concept that they are "fast, fair and friendly" because the opposite is true.  Insurance companies make money by waiting as long as they possibly can before paying a claim.  The longer it takes... Read more

Changing Lawyers

Unfortunately, I am often contacted by clients who are unhappy with their current attorneys. This is always a little bit awkward, because I try not to criticize other attorneys, particularly when I don't know them or what their work is like.  Of course, lawyers are different, with different approaches.  What works for me might not work for someone else. One of the things that works for me is returning phone calls.  Most of the time when clients are upset, it is because they have an atto... Read more

Autonomous Braking for Motorcycles

By now most motorcyclists have  wondered why autonomous braking, which is about to be required on every car sold in America, is not being offered by anyone for motorcycles. Clearly, the risk to the rider of a motorcycle from a careless left hand turning vehicle is far greater than the risk to the driver of an airbag equipped four thousand pound car. So what's the deal. Well, let's start by looking at ABS brakes that allow a rider to brake while leaned over in a turn.  Bosch has been distr... Read more

Safest Motorcycle Helmet Available

For several years I have been looking for a motorcycle helmet that deals with prevention of axonal brain injuries.  These are the injuries that result when the skull is quickly twisted in a motorcycle accident, usually as the helmet hits the pavement, a curb, or a four wheeled vehicle. Most brain injuries do not involve a skull fracture.  The helmet does a good job of preventing that type of injury.  However, the inside  of the skull has lots of sharp edges, and the brain floats insid... Read more

Springtime for Motorcycles – Wake Up and Smell The Miles

So we finally got some rain, plus its been cold, but this week we start spring.  Rain or shine, riding season is here.  Only the biggest wimps are leaving their bikes in the garage.    As Giles Lambpoints out in the latest issue of BIKE, now is the time to get into the groove. Slowly, like you are learning again, practice a little better each time. One thing to do for sure is practice panic stops.  You should comfortably be able to stop in 50 feet from 40 miles per hour, without triggeri... Read more