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Motorcycle Accident Attorney San Jose

Choosing the Right Motorcycle Accident Attorney in San Jose.

Choosing the right San Jose motorcycle accident attorney can be tough. There are many skilled motorcycle attorneys ou there, however some are just looking for a paycheck and don’t put their clients first. Some will try to put the least amount of effort into your case, while others will try their best and just don’t have what it takes to win. You can be assured that with Michael Padway & Associates, that is certainly not the case. We don’t regard our law practice as just a paycheck, just a job, or just a business to run. We put our clients first, and our paycheck second. Our primary concern is to make sure that you are confident and secure in our services while we’re winning your case.

What kind of mechanical knowledge of motorcycles do you possess? 

My knowledge of motorcycles is extraordinary.  I have been riding and owning motorcycles for more than 40 years, I have long since lost count of how many motorcycle accident cases I have handled, I know the best experts, I regularly read the literature, and I write articles for motorcycle publications.

Motorcycles simply do not operate in the same way that cars operate.  Those who only understand automobiles make many misstatements about motorcycle accidents.  The most common misstatement is that it is very difficult to reconstruct what happened in a motorcycle accident.  This statement merely reflects ignorance.  Worse, those who only understand four wheel vehicles frequently come to incorrect conclusions when they look at a motorcycle accident.

What are the most common types of motorcycle accidents?

  • Motorcycle-Car Collisions: Most commonly caused because cars and trucks do not see the motorcyclists. This can be due to driver negligence OR unsafe driving by the motorcyclist staying in blind spots.
  • Sudden-Stop Collisions: Rear-ending accidents can range in severity for car collisions, however can often be fatal for motorcyclists. Sudden-stop collisions can cause a motorcyclist to go end-over-end, ejecting the rider from the motorcycle, resulting in serious injury.
  • Single-bike Accidents: These accidents involve skidding, sliding, or toppling over on a bike. These are primarily caused  by unsafe road conditions and poor weather conditions.
  • Open Door Accidents: Frequent in urban environments, these kinds of accidents are caused when parked cars open their doors directly into a biker’s path.

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