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Best Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

When it comes to riding motorcycles, the thrill of the ride and the social stamina of the group can take center stage.  However, safety should be a rider’s primary concern.  Whether you’re cruising down the highway, streamlining down back country roads, or riding with a large group of friends, safety gear is important.  The smallest mistake could lead to catastrophic crashes, which is why your gear should be your priority. Specifically dealing with helmets, there is a wide range of dif... Read more

Kevlar Motorcycle Riding Pants Review

A Kevlar Review of Motoport and Aerositch For many motorcyclists, Aerostich is synonymous with fabric riding gear.  Andy Goldstein has done a great job of branding, and works his butt off to provide great motorcycle riding pants at a reasonable price.  Riders like the somewhat heavy feel of the fabric, which gives a flattering outline of the rider, and feels like it will do the job in a crash, which it certainly will. Aerostitch has a number of inseam options for motorcycle riding pants, a... Read more

Sidi Motorcycle Boots Review

A month ago, no one could have convinced me that I would spend 500 bucks for a pair of motorcycle boots.  Now, a month later, the price is long forgotten (almost). When my Alpinestars bit the dust, I did a canvass of half a dozen motorcycle shops, comparing feature for feature.  I read reviews, I talked to other riders, I hit the online forums, and I soul searched for my own balance point in the safety/comfort/hassle continuum. By way of disclosure, as an attorney handling motorcycle a... Read more