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Why Motorcycle Accident Emergency Room Bills Are So High

Let's face it. Motorcycle Accidents result in far more serious injuries than Automobile Accidents. This fact is the source of the common belief that riding motorcycles is dangerous and life threatening, and that anyone who rides is suicidal. Worse, this leads to beliefs that cause horrible discrimination against riders. I want to talk about something that involves discrimination against riders, and that costs motorcycle riders a lot of money when they need to go to the emergency room after a... Read more

New CHP Lane Splitting Guidelines

Early 2013, The California Highway Patrol (CHP) announced new lane splitting guidelines on www.chp.ca.gov. Their list of safety tips is really more specific than “general” as it gives you a technical definition of what lane splitting is, before even getting into lane splitting “best practices”. As defined by the CHP, “the term lane splitting, sometimes known as lane sharing, filtering or white-lining, refers to the process of a motorcyclist riding between lanes of stopped or slower mo... Read more

AMA Sponsors Bill to Stop Discrimination Against Motorcyclists

You may not know it, but unless you've carefully read your health insurance policy lately, you may not have coverage if you are injured while riding your motorcycle.Many policies exclude track days, and racing, but a number of them also exclude any use of the motorcycle.How devastating to discover that, although you have been paying your premiums, you aren't covered if you are on your bike.Fortunately, the AMA is working to stop this practice.Unfortunately, you need to look at yo... Read more

California Air Resources Board FInes Motorcycle Dealers

Ultra Motorcycles, Harley Davidson Dealers selling Thunder Motorcycles, BMC, and others have all been hit with fines for selling motorcycles in California that have not been certified by the Air Resources Board.  Some olf these motorcycles were certified for use in other states, some of these motorcycles have engines that were certified in other vehicles.It is important to understand the difference between monitoring clean air, and certification of parts and motorcycles.CARB is not set ... Read more