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A Short History of Motorcycle Antilock Brakes

Photo: Raniel Diaz CC Motorcycling purists rolled their eyes. Racers thought wasting almost 25 pounds on it was silly. The year was 1988. It was the end of an era in motocross and Eddie Lawson stole the Grand Prix Championship title from Wayne Gardner. The Cold War was about to end and BMW released the very first motorcycle equipped with antilock brakes. Not on MY bike Back then, the idea of strapping 25 pounds of dead weight to a bike in the name of "safety" was anathema to motorcyclin... Read more

Deciding Between Motorcycle Repair & Replacement

If your bike is not eligible for a motorcycle repair, you are entitled to the cost of a replacement motorcycle, including accessories. Often, there is a dispute because the motorcycle has more financing owed that it has value. Another source of dispute is that, after using the motorcycle, it has a depreciated value. Insurance companies are often difficult to deal with, because they don’t understand the intricacies and many models of motorcycles. They value them based on insurance databa... Read more