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Safest Motorcycle Helmet Available

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For several years I have been looking for a motorcycle helmet that deals with prevention of axonal brain injuries.  These are the injuries that result when the skull is quickly twisted in a motorcycle accident, usually as the helmet hits the pavement, a curb, or a four wheeled vehicle.

Most brain injuries do not involve a skull fracture.  The helmet does a good job of preventing that type of injury.  However, the inside  of the skull has lots of sharp edges, and the brain floats inside the skull.  If the skull is twisted, tearing of the brain occurs, and the result can be anywhere from a “mild” concussion to a serious long term brain injury.

A few years ago, a helmet came out that had an outer “skin” which allowed movement on the outside of the helmet.  The purpose was to reduce the amount of twisting the head received in a motorcycle accident.  I tried several times, without success, to locate a distributor so that I could try one out.

6D helmets has a line of helmets that incorporate attachment separators that allow the helmet outer shell to move a little more than the inner liner, effectively reducing the amount of twist in most helmet impacts.  They refer to independent testing that shows their system is successful in reducing the forces that would normally cause axonal tearing of the brain.

Of course, no responsible person would suggest a helmet purchase based solely on one feature.  Fit is paramount, and there are lots of features to consider.

The 6D helmets are more expensive, of course.  Someone has to pay for the complexity and innovation.

That said, this is definitely worth checking out.

I personally have not yet tried one of these helmets, but I look forward to doing so as soon as possible.

The only time you use a helmet is if you crash or have an accident.  In either event, cost no longer seems important.  Because so many of my clients hit their heads in accidents, and because so many of those accidents involve traumatic brain injuries, I am often asked for my recommendations regarding helmets.  With the reservation that I have not personally used one of these helmets yet, (although I intend to), this is my current recommendation.

As soon as I can find out how these fit me, and can try one out, I will have a follow up.

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