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Springtime for Motorcycles – Wake Up and Smell The Miles


So we finally got some rain, plus its been cold, but this week we start spring.  Rain or shine, riding season is here.  Only the biggest wimps are leaving their bikes in the garage.    As Giles Lambpoints out in the latest issue of BIKE, now is the time to get into the groove. Slowly, like you are learning again, practice a little better each time.

One thing to do for sure is practice panic stops.  You should comfortably be able to stop in 50 feet from 40 miles per hour, without triggering the abs. Nice and straight, smooth, steady, and end up with one foot on the ground, one foot on the bike.  Nice.

Another for sure thing is circles and figure eights. Get used to leaning again. No fun riding a motorcycle if you are nervous or reluctant when it’s time to lean.

Last, it just makes life easier if you spend some time getting familiar with your old friend, the friction zone.  Low speed, tight maneuvers, use the clutch to accelerate and slow.  Drag some brake when it helps.  You will enjoy your rides more when you can take off from a stop at full lock.  You will also feel much more comfortable when you are at stops with lots of other riders watching you.

Once you get your sea legs back, you will be safe taking that first couple of longer rides, when you get back in the groove.

After all, soon it will be summer and the riding is easy.

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