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How Is Compensation Determined In Brain Injury Claims?

The things determine settlement value includes the severity of the damage and how the injury affects daily function. If someone can’t function, whether on the job, at home or in personal life, juries seem to be sympathetic. If the problem is much more likely to be permanent as opposed to being injuries that heal over time, the cases tend to have more impact on jurors. Of course, there are many, many factors that go into determining the value of a case.

Determination Of Future Costs For Rehabilitation And Medical Needs

Medical testimony comes in through qualified witnesses. Expert witnesses, treating doctors and, of course, medical records are the source that for basing determinations of future costs for medical needs.

Importance Of Specialists And Experts In Brain Injury Cases

Good experts are critical because insurance companies also have good experts, particularly in head injury cases. The insurance company has qualified doctors with huge amounts of jury experience to dispute the injury. Those doctors are skilled at testifying and they are usually people that juries like. At a minimum, if you are claiming a head injury, you must have medical testimony that is as good as what the insurance company will have. If you can find better experts, of course that helps.

Importance Of An Experienced Attorney In Handling A Brain Injury Claim

It would be very difficult for an attorney without the experience to do a good job of handling a brain injury case. In the first place, the attorney needs experience with the experts who are involved. Both the treating and expert witnesses who will testify for the injured person are important. The attorney should have experience with the defense experts. There is a learning curve, just like with anything else. Over time, attorneys learn what the experts routinely do and how they work. Experience makes it easier to deal with them.

Additional Information Regarding Brain Injury Sustained Due To Motorcycle Accidents

One of the things that you learn when you handle the more serious brain injury cases is how hard it is for the person who was injured. It’s very hard on families. It can be very complicated to present to a jury all of the ways in which a brain injury affects the life of a brain injured person and their families.

Those with significant brain injuries are often different in ways that make us uncomfortable. We tend to not like someone when they present themselves in an odd way. An effort must be made to explain to the jury that the oddities are not a matter of personality, but rather the result of damage suffered.

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