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How Long Are People Generally Treated For A Brain Injury?

With brain injuries, people tend to get to a certain point and then they just accept the situation and stop treating.

However, symptoms and problems from brain injuries can last a lifetime, whether or not treatment continues. There are some experimental and even some non-experimental drugs that can be used to address symptoms of brain injuries, and therapy can help with coping. For the most part, the treatment options are limited compared with other types of injury.

Importance Of Wearing A Helmet When Riding A Motorcycle

Of course it matters if you’re wearing a helmet. Most people are very aware of the help that a helmet can give in a crash.

On the other hand, for a brain injury where there’s no skull fracture, the brain slamming against the inside of the skull causes the injury. The helmet has limited effect in preventing movement of the brain within the skull, which is where most of the injuries actually occur. In a case raising the issue of helmet quality or whether or not the helmet was worn, litigation can be difficult and very involved with expert testimony.

Brain injury cases result in some very significant verdicts because of the fact that the effects are so devastating in a severe brain injury cases.

Does The Passenger Of A Motorcycle Have The Same Rights As The Driver To Bring A Personal Injury Claim?

Passengers do have the same rights to sue whoever is responsible for the accident.

On the other hand, many motorcycle insurance policies exclude coverage for the passenger, so that can be a serious problem. Passengers have vulnerability. The driver is holding onto the handlebars of the motorcycle, is in control, and usually sees the accident developing. The passenger, on the other hand, doesn’t have anything really secure to grab. Their view of the incoming accident is at least partially blocked.

What Determines The Viability Of A Personal Injury Claim Involving A Brain Injury Due To Motorcycle Accident?

An injury that isn’t well documented is just not going to be viable whereas an injury that is well documented is much more easily settled. You get paid for what you can be proved.

Are Brain Injury Cases Typically Settled Or Tried?

Most cases settle. The reason for is that once everything is documented, the insurance company realizes the risk is potentially high. Keep in mind, that the insurance companies have their own doctors who will work hard to fight against these claims. The more money that is involved, the more the insurance companies can afford to spend fighting the claim.

Challenges Faced In A Brain Injury Personal Injury Claim

One of the problems is that it can take a significant period of time to get one of these cases settled. It is difficult waiting, particularly if you are out of work.

If you are out of work, have medical bills coming in and are having trouble functioning, you want to work with an attorney who will work to keep the case moving.

How Do People Get Medical Care During The Pendency Of Their Case?

Of course, medical treatment is expensive. Insurance companies often don’t approve needed diagnostics. It can be very difficult to get the treatment that’s needed.

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