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If I Don’t Like My Current Attorney, Could I Switch?

Clients always have the right to change attorneys whenever they want. It’s not to be taken lightly because you don’t want to do it too many times, but many times clients who are unhappy with their attorneys find that another attorney can give them much more satisfactory service.

My own practice regularly takes over cases from other attorneys for two reasons. First, we take over a lot of cases because it becomes apparent that other attorneys don’t know how to handle motorcycle accidents. In addition, we take over cases because clients are unhappy with attorneys who don’t return phone calls and only communicate with the clients through legal assistants. These legal assistants don’t really provide the same level of service an attorney can provide.

Are Pictures Taken at the Scene of an Accident Helpful for My Case?

Of course, scene photos can be very helpful by providing visual evidence.

Any photograph provides useful information, so generally most photos are helpful. On the other hand, there is a big difference between a photograph that’s taken by someone who knows what they are doing and who understands rules of evidence than a photograph taken by someone who simply snaps a cell phone picture. Cell phones get better all the time, but for important photographs, I’d like to use a high end camera with a carefully chosen lens and extremely high resolution so that the photograph will meet the evidentiary tests of being accurate, and also so that the photograph will be capable of being enlarged on a projector for use at trial.

If the Other Party Admits their Fault in a Collision, Would It Help my Case?

Of course this is helpful, if they don’t later deny having admitted fault.

It’s astounding how frequently people who admit fault with the accident scene then talk to their friends and their insurance company and, suddenly, change their mind as to whether or not they were at fault for the accident.

I’ve had people testify under oath that they thought at the accident scene they were at fault for the accident but after speaking with an attorney, they realized or thought they realized that the accident was not their fault. I’ve had countless defendants who caused an accident and admitted it at the scene later deny that they ever made that admission and many of them say they were misquoted. So, while it’s important when a defendant admits fault at the accident scene, particularly if they admitted to the investigating officer, it’s certainly not the end of the discussion.

What Do You Advise Your Clients to Refrain from Doing?

Of course, don’t delay getting professional help, and hire a lawyer early on.

After hiring a lawyer, the main way clients damage cases is by failing to keep up with the medical care. Self treating a home results in a lack of documentation, where regular visits to the doctor provides ongoing documentation of your injuries.

Even people with serious injuries sometimes get to the point where they give up and stop seeing the doctor. If you don’t see a doctor and if the doctor doesn’t have information about how your injuries are affecting you, your doctor cannot be in a position to incorporate that information in their medical reports, nor will they be fully informed so that they can testify for you effectively.

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