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I’m calling for my husband or loved one

So you’re calling for a Husband, Boyfriend or loved one . . .

The thing you long worried about has now happened.  Your loved one was in a motorcycle accident, and now you are on the spot trying to figure out what to do.  You know that you need to find a lawyer to take care of things.  But who do you call

If you’re like me . . .

You’re skeptical about both insurance companies and about lawyers.  You’d like to make it go away fast.  This is obviously a big case, and you need the right lawyer.  But who is that person?  How will this work? If I call now, who will I talk to?

Like all of us . . .

This is one time you want it to work.  Getting exactly what you want is rare in life, and getting exactly what you want in an accident case is even more difficult.  There’s a lot going on, and it just isn’t reasonable to take on the legal problems yourself.

OK.  So you have to do something.  What are you looking for?

First, you need experience with significant injury cases.  You must have a lawyer who has dealt with similar situations enough times to know the tricks of the trade, and who has the respect of the other side.  You need someone who has been around in the courts.

Second, you need someone who understands the peculiarities of motorcycles and their riders.  This is a very different field than auto accidents, and the differences must be understood and used to present your loved one’s case.  A lawyer who doesn’t ride motorcycles and who does not know the ins and outs of these cases is working with a handicap.

Third, and most important, you need a lawyer who is responsive to you and your loved one, and your specific needs.  This is not the time to be put aside and told to speak only with a paralegal.  It takes a lot of attention to work through one of these cases.

So far, great general advice, but now let’s get specific.

When you make the call, are you getting screened by a staff person, or is the initial call between you and the lawyer?  (Of course, a receptionist may answer the phone.  But who calls back?)

When you go over the facts, is the lawyer knowledgeable?  Does the lawyer recognize the make and model of the motorcycle?  Does the lawyer understand what happened from the rider’s perspective?  Does the lawyer sound to you like someone who  knows how to get into the corners and deal with the details?  When someone really knows what they are doing, and has done it time after time, you know it in your gut.

When the lawyer understands the significance of the case, do they make a commitment to get on it immediately?  These cases do not wait for the lawyer’s convenience.  Opportunities can be lost that will not present themselves again.  You need a lawyer who will immediately commit the necessary time.  When will the process start?

Does the lawyer have a well developed process for getting the case going?  Are you made to feel that the lawyer will communicate with you in a clear way and make you understand what to expect, and how long it will take?  Do you feel like the lawyer will take the time and have the skill to make the process as comfortable as possible?  If you are uncomfortable in the beginning, because you feel out of control, you probably need a different lawyer.

Last, and most important, are you going to have as much communication as you want with the lawyer?  Are your calls going to be promptly returned?  Will things be taken care of, or will they sit until the lawyer gets to them?  Good lawyers like to talk to their clients, and they are well organized.

In the end, you should not be burdened with legal matters.  The attorney is paid to take care of these things, and your time is better spent dealing with your loved ones other needs.  You need to feel confident that the lawyer will take care of it, and keep you well informed.  This is an important case, and the lawyer must treat it as an important case.

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