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Paying Medical Bills After A Motorcycle Crash

Should Someone Expect Reimbursement When They Finally Reach A Settlement? Will The Settlement Include All Paid And Future Medical Bills?

Yes, with rare exception and the exception is a negotiated settlement that makes payments over time but with the exception of that kind of a settlement, the cases are settled for single lump sum payment and that’s got to take care of it for all times. So, it’s very difficult that way.

Also, the settlement has to include amounts for future treatment even though it may be difficult to predict exactly what that treatment will be.

Are Those Assessments Generally Fairly Accurate?

It is very difficult to predict. Typically, each side will retain experts and the experts will argue about what’s likely to be seen down the road. That’s not an easy thing and the courts will not allow compensation for future injuries that are merely possible, so it’s necessarily not only to show that it’s possible to have future treatment but that it’s likely or probable.

Is It A Good Idea To Try And Pay Your Medical Bills As They Come In Or Should You Wait Until A Settlement Is Reached?

In general, the hospitals and doctors continue to bill whether or not there is a case. They may carry a small balance but in a serious case where the bills are large, they usually pursue the bills to get paid because it’s a lot of money and they don’t really have any incentive to hold off until the case settles, which is another problem.

In situations where an attorney can convince somebody to hold off while the case settles, it’s not necessarily a great thing because the healthcare provider who holds off is going to want to be paid in full, and if agreeing to pay the medical care provider can be avoided is still a possibility of negotiating a reduction in the amount of the medical bills so that at the end, they don’t have to be paid 100 cents on the dollar, you’ll realize that at the end of the case, the money is only available after attorney’s fees and costs. This means there won’t be 100 cents on the dollar available to pay the medical care providers.

That means that any medical care provider that’s being paid in full is going to be paid with dollars that were duly paid for with attorney’s fees and costs.

What Are All Possible Sources Available To Someone To Pay For Medical Expenses After They Are Injured In An Accident In California?

It is hard to come up with a list of every single possibility, but there is typically medical payment’s coverage, there is typically a small amount of medical payments available on the vehicle in addition to the health policy.

Sometimes there are government programs that can kick in and help but those are the main sources and if more than that’s needed, it can be pretty difficult for someone to find local resources that will step in and help.

If The Resources Are Exhausted, Can An Attorney Work With Medical Facility Or Doctors To Ensure The Person Gets Treatment?

Doctors and people who run the hospitals can sometimes be helpful but as the injuries become more serious and the amounts of the bills become larger, it becomes more difficult to make those kinds of arrangements. That’s because it just puts so much more of a burden on the facility that’s otherwise trying to wait.

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