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Where Do I Start?

You have already found the resource other injured riders turn to.

The next step is for us to discuss your accident, your injuries, and your legal needs.  Let’s talk about the process, what you are facing, and how we can help.  We’ll discuss what you need to do, what we can do for you, and what you can expect going forward.

As you case progresses, we will work with you every step of the way, so that we make it as comfortable for you as possible, preparing you so that you don’t feel like you are just a target for some insurance company lawyer.

Your case needs to be presented in terms the insurance companies understand and accept, with documentation prepared so that it works within their system.  If your case is not presented in the right way, it will not work with their internal systems, and you may end up in an unnecessary, expensive, and unpleasant trial.

Insurance companies often have difficulty understanding the peculiarities of motorcycles. Someone needs to patiently and carefully explain how motorcycles differ from automobiles.  Few attorneys understand not only the mechanics of motorcycles, but the mechanics of motorcycle accidents.

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