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Six Rules for a Killer Deposition

Time for your deposition?  Wondering how to be a great witness?  Here's how. Depositions are critical to any case, and a good deposition goes a long way toward getting a good result. It is often said that you can't win your case in deposition, but you can lose it. Like anything else, there are rules, and you can learn to do this well.  Here are the steps:  Prepare like crazy.  No one expects you to remember everything, but of course, you are less likely to make a mistake if you h... Read more

Do I Really Need a Lawyer to Settle My Insurance Claim?

This has to be one of the most common questions asked when someone is injured in an accident. We have all seen thousands of commercials claiming "Like a Good Neighbor", "Good Hands", "State Farm is There", Nationwide "is on your side".  The insurance companies spend millions of dollars promoting the concept that they are "fast, fair and friendly" because the opposite is true.  Insurance companies make money by waiting as long as they possibly can before paying a claim.  The longer it takes... Read more

Motorcycle Accident Insurance: What You Should Know

OK grasshopper. You paid for motorcycle accident insurance, and now you had an accident. You faithfully made payments month after month, and you never thought about much, except what the policy cost. You are about to find out why it makes a difference who you bought your insurance from. An insurance policy is often called "a contract of exclusions". You are going to find out why. Most riders take only moments to pick out an insurance policy. They either purchase a policy through the deale... Read more

Motorcycle Red Light Sensor Frustration

Is It OK for Motorcyclists to "Run" Red Lights? Of course it's not OK for motorcyclists to speed through traffic, weaving in and out, running red lights, popping wheelies, and generally being a nuisance around town. That's not what I'm talking about. Frustration at the stop light If you ride a motorcycle, you've probably experienced rolling up to a red light only to sit there for up to 15 minutes waiting for it to change. Except it never changes, and you sheepishly roll through the r... Read more

Motorcycle Night Riding – Top 6 Safety Tips

How To Stay Safe When You Ride At Night? Plenty of research has been done looking into motorcycle safety. You can find enough stats to scare you away from your bike forever on Wikipedia’s Motorcycle Safety page. These are some of the spookier statistics: According to the U.S. National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, Motorcyclists are 35 times more likely to die in a fatal accident as drivers of other types of vehicles. According to a national study by the Australian Transp... Read more

50 Years of Riding and 40 Years as a Motorcycle Lawyer

This year I celebrate riding motorcycles for 50 years, and dealing with accidents for 40 years. I hope I learned something in all that time that might be useful to other riders, so here it is. Is it safe to ride a motorcycle? Years ago, I remember discussing this question with Luke Lucarelli. He was known as the “million mile motorcyclist”, because he had more than a million miles under his belt. He set up the CHP motorcycle training program, and he taught motorcycle riding and safety,... Read more

New CHP Lane Splitting Guidelines

Early 2013, The California Highway Patrol (CHP) announced new lane splitting guidelines on www.chp.ca.gov. Their list of safety tips is really more specific than “general” as it gives you a technical definition of what lane splitting is, before even getting into lane splitting “best practices”. As defined by the CHP, “the term lane splitting, sometimes known as lane sharing, filtering orwhite-lining, refers to the process of a motorcyclist riding between lanes of stopped or slower mov... Read more

Motorcycle Helmet Laws by State

Some states may fine you up to $1000 for not riding with a helmet. State helmet laws and violations vary by each state, and your state may carry a stiffer fine than you might think.  Also, this is especially important if you are planning to travel across state lines. If you're planning a road trip that crosses these borders, or would like to learn more about your own state's helmet laws, check out our chart and infographic below.   %CODE1% Embed the graphic by copying and pasting this co... Read more

Motorcycle Attorneys: A Success Story

I just settled a case that another attorney turned into a nightmare. The client went to a firm that advertised themselves as motorcycle attorneys. He was a new rider with only six weeks experience. He bought a hooligan bike, appropriate only for experienced riders. As he approached an intersection, you guessed it, a car pulled out in front of him. He hit it in the side, went over the top, and had a raft of injuries with tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills. The police report was divi... Read more

The Media Loves to Hate Motorcyclists

The press loves to link motorcycles and accidents.  For them, deaths are even better.  So it comes as no surprise that the national media reported on 9 deaths from motorcycle accidents associated with Sturgis. I have no more information than the press reports, which is quite sad, since the reports are lacking in anything that smacks of journalism, much less investigative reporting. For example, a women is reported to have died after her motorcycle hit a truck from Colorado.  The only fa... Read more