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Recreational Riding

Fear of Riding After A Motorcycle Accident

Something disturbing that I deal with regularly are riders who have been in a motorcycle accident, and now are afraid to get back on their bike. It is very difficult to make a non-rider understand what this means, because most people who do not ride motorcycles consider it an unsafe activity to begin with. Many of the riders I work with ride motorcycles as an important part of their lifestyle. Some retired in order to take long trips. Others choose to ride motorcycles as their main transporta... Read more

Why Motorcyclists Speed

It goes without saying that in virtually every motorcycle accident case, the defense claims the rider was speeding. Most people, riders included, automatically assume that the rider is speeding. Like most stereotypes, there is some truth behind it. Motorcycles do tend to speed. The "proprioceptive input" rewards the driver by filling the senses with the sensation of movement. I am in the middle of reading a NHTSA publication on the motivations for speeding. This study by the Department of Tra... Read more

How to Find a Local Group to Ride With

Photo: Craig Howell CCAsk any motorcyclist about riding solo. Some say they love it, and it helps them clear their heads after a long week at work. Others say riding alone is boring and potentially dangerous. The most dangerous motorcycle accidents occur when riding alone. What if there's nobody around to see you when you go down? What if you can't drag yourself to safety, or even to a place where someone will see you? What if you can't find your cell phone because the crash threw it 100 ya... Read more

Everything You Need To Know About Off-Road Riding

Photo: fasteddy760 | CCMany riders get acquainted with motorcycling on the street as adults. Well-informed riders know they need good education to stay safe on the street. After a few years, many riders start asking, "How can I get better?" And the answer is to ride less on the street and more in a controlled environment, free from soccer moms and teen-aged drivers. The best way to do that without breaking the bank is to take your weekend ride off road. What kind of bike should you get? ... Read more

All Wheel Drive Motorcycle Spotlight: The Rokon

An uncommon ride The motorcycling mainstream is full to the brim with shiny new bikes sporting zero-hour chassis and engine updates. They're the bikes we purchase, register, ride, and enjoy. Motorcycling has its secrets though, the sum of which amount to the many facets of the motorcycling experience. One of those secrets is called the Rokon, the world's first all wheel drive motorcycle. It was originally designed in the 50's by a guy named Charlie Fehn to take on California's rough country. ... Read more

Top 10 Brand New, Old School Motorcycles

You don't have to buy brand new OR pay for a long, custom build to get the bike you want. All you have to do is scour the web's classifieds for one of these "modern classic" bikes from the past decade. Yamaha V-Max Photo: Ramsha DarbhaA drag-strip killer that eats big bore sportbikes for breakfast, the original V-Max was produced non-stop from 1985 to 2008. The redesign, released in 2009, is still in production. It looks like something a 1980s manga anti-hero would ride, and its 1200c... Read more

The New Riders’ Guide to Choosing a Motorcycle

Purchasing your first bike is a big step, and not one to be taken lightly. There are a number of things a beginner should look for in a motorcycle, and many common mistakes that can be avoided. Here’s a guide to help you select the right motorcycle for a new beginner rider. 1. Smaller Engine Size One of the biggest mistakes new riders make is purchasing a first bike with far more power than they need, or can handle. If you have just started riding and want to gain some experience, start ... Read more

Motorcycle Night Riding – Top 6 Safety Tips

How To Stay Safe When You Ride At Night? Plenty of research has been done looking into motorcycle safety. You can find enough stats to scare you away from your bike forever on Wikipedia’s Motorcycle Safety page. These are some of the spookier statistics: According to the U.S. National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, Motorcyclists are 35 times more likely to die in a fatal accident as drivers of other types of vehicles. According to a national study by the Australian Transp... Read more

50 Years of Riding and 40 Years as a Motorcycle Lawyer

This year I celebrate riding motorcycles for 50 years, and dealing with accidents for 40 years. I hope I learned something in all that time that might be useful to other riders, so here it is. Is it safe to ride a motorcycle? Years ago, I remember discussing this question with Luke Lucarelli. He was known as the “million mile motorcyclist”, because he had more than a million miles under his belt. He set up the CHP motorcycle training program, and he taught motorcycle riding and safety,... Read more

Collecting Motorcycles for Investment

I ran into a lawyer who has been buying cars for investment.  Lots of them, like 900 cars that he keeps in a warehouse. Unfortunately, this is not a Jay Leno scenario, where he really loves cars and understands them.  Not that he doesn't like them, but he really isn't involved like most collectors.  However, he seems to be spot on with his belief that collectible cars are a great investment at the moment. This got me thinking about motorcycle collections as a way to enjoy great bikes wh... Read more