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Shark Helmet Scores in Sharp Ratings

It’s about time to look at a new lid.  As a long time Arai, and occasional Shoei, user, I have looked at some of the innovative safety features of Shark helmets from time to time.  Here is the Shark RS2 Duhamel Model:


Readers of this blog know that I have also been a fan of the UK’s Sharp program, where helmets are rated from one to five stars.  This is designed to allow riders to simply purchase five star helmets, with a good chance that they are buying the safest helmets available.  I predicted that this would make huge changes for the helmet world.

They advertise the following impressive list of features:

  • Shell made from Carbone-fibre/Kevlar multidirectional composite fibres.
  • Five different sizes of polystyrene absorber.
  • Two shell sizes.
  • Multi-element internal shock-absorber (6) with differentiated density.
  • Airflow directed by integrated ducts.
  • 1 type enhanced safety 3 mm visor.
  • Dual treated (anti-scratch/anti-fog) “Total Vision” visor.
  • “Push One” visor quick release system using 4 anchorage points.
  • Very high flow ventilation system with easy opening vent.
  • Optimised demisting thanks to “Venturi” side extractors.
  • Fully adjustable, removable and washable interior using top-of-the-range fabrics Cool Max® and Sanitized®.
  • Ergonomic cheek pads in 3D foam.
  • Double-D ring “Racing” chin strap.
  • Anti-fog mask and chin cover for visor as standard.
  • High-performance anti-fog “Winter” mask as standard.
  • Supplied with tear-offs. *Weight : 1290g (± 50g).
  • Lightest helmet in its class
  • Meets or exceeds D.O.T. and ECE 22-05 standards
  • 5 years warranty

I am embarrassed to make such an obvious pitch for a helmet, or any motorcycle safety product.  I have no relationship of any kind to Shark,  and there is no benefit to me if they do, or don’t sell helmets.

I haven’t tried one for fit or comfort yet, but if I do end up buying one, I will do a review.  Otherwise, look for another Arai.

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