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We are not just lawyers representing motorcyclists. We’re riders, advocates and junkies for any newsworthy events in the motorcycle community. Michael Padway & Associates is here not only to provide excellent representation during your court case, but to educate you on motorcycle safety and protect a beloved American pastime with a great motorcycle blog!

Here in the Motorcycle Blog, you’ll find tasty tidbits on current events on the motorcycle community including news on motorcycle laws and local events. We’ll provide you with detailed product reviews, breaking down the best and worst of safety gear. You’ll also get groundbreaking updates on technological advancements in motorcycle specification and safety technology. We’ll help keep you safe with motorcycle safety tips and resources while helping you gear up for your next ride with unique local destinations to visit.

So sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

Fear of Riding After A Motorcycle Accident

Something disturbing that I deal with regularly are riders who have been in a motorcycle accident, and now are afraid to get back on their bike. It is very difficult to make a non-rider understand what this means, because most people who do not ride motorcycles consider it an unsafe activity to begin with.Many of the riders I work with ride motorcycles as an important part of their lifestyle. Some retired in order to take long trips. Others choose to ride motorcycles as their main transporta... Read more

Do Daytime Running Lights Make Motorcycles Safer?

We all know how often I have to listen to a careless driver claiming that they didn't see the motorcycle. This ridiculous claim is made by drivers who are texting, deep in discussion with passengers, practically asleep, or simply not paying attention.In reality, if you look at a motorcycle, you can't help but see it. They aren't invisible.The most visible part of a motorcycle, at least in the day, is the daytime running light that has been required for the last 30 years. Every time the... Read more

Motorcycle Safety Tips for Riding in the Rain

All motorcycle riders should take precautions when riding in any weather conditions. Motorcycles are smaller than the other vehicles on the road and are often overlooked. In a perfect world, riders as well as other motorists would be responsible and focus completely on the road. This is not a perfect world and riders must take special precautions. They need to pay attention to everything around them when riding, especially other motorists.It is important that all riders gear up properly befo... Read more

Low Speed Tight Motorcycle Turns

Okay, so this blog post is off to a bad start. Why? No glove.A few years ago, I had my mind blown by a two day private police motorcycle course with a great instructor. It really opened my eyes, and I came away with an appreciation for a part of my riding that I had ignored - low speed maneuvers. Jerry the Motorman Palladino makes a business out of teaching the police techniques that make motorcycle cops so comfortable with the low speed stuff. By low speed, I mean walking speed. By ma... Read more

The Truth About Motorcycle Body Armor

Motorcycle riders have forever been making important decisions about their protective gear, with little data to guide them.  The 1981 Hurt report remains the standard for investigative data on motorcycle crashes.  Obviously, materials and manufacturing are light years away from the best of what was available when Hurt did his study.We can thank the United States Government, who is concerned about our soldiers that are being injured in motorcycle accidents.  They published what is certainl... Read more

Why Motorcycle Accident Emergency Room Bills Are So High

Let's face it. Motorcycle Accidents result in far more serious injuries than Automobile Accidents. This fact is the source of the common belief that riding motorcycles is dangerous and life threatening, and that anyone who rides is suicidal. Worse, this leads to beliefs that cause horrible discrimination against riders. I want to talk about something that involves discrimination against riders, and that costs motorcycle riders a lot of money when they need to go to the emergency room after a... Read more

Motorcycle Accident Insurance: What You Should Know

OK grasshopper. You paid for motorcycle accident insurance, and now you had an accident. You faithfully made payments month after month, and you never thought about much, except what the policy cost. You are about to find out why it makes a difference who you bought your insurance from. An insurance policy is often called "a contract of exclusions". You are going to find out why.Most riders take only moments to pick out an insurance policy. They either purchase a policy through the deale... Read more

How ABS Brakes Avoid Deadly Motorcycle Crashes

My last post pointing out that ABS brakes on motorcycles save many lives, was met with some skepticism.  This is not surprising when you are talking about a 41% decrease in rider deaths.  It's a HUGE number.  Of course, this explains why virtually every motorcycle manufacturer now offers ABS as an option, and many make ABS standard equipment.Every decent study shows that accidents between motorcycles and other types of vehicles involve a lot of crashes where the vehicle cuts off the moto... Read more

How to Choose Your First Motorcycle

Yamaha V-Star 650 Photo: Jose Barrera CC Ask a motorcyclist what you should purchase as your first bike, and you'll find everyone who rides has an opinion. Cruiser riders will point you toward a small cruiser, like the Harley Davidson Sportster. Sportbike riders sometimes suggest 600cc bikes to people who have never ridden a motorcycle, which is usually a bad idea. Some people might tell you to start with a dirt bike before taking to the streets.The fact is there is no short, "one size f... Read more

The Most Expensive Vintage Motorcycles

Photo: Matt Purdy CC When it comes to collectible transportation, cars have stolen the show for decades. Recently a Ferrari NART Spyder sold at auction for a staggering $27.5M. An antique motorcycle has never sold for even 1/10th as much. Back in 2008, a 1915 Cyclone Board Track Racer changed hands for a comparatively measly $551,000. Other vintage motorcycles, from many different decades, have changed hands for between $200,000 to $400,000.Pre-War Vintage ClassicsCyclone Board Track ... Read more