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Uninsured Motorist Coverage

In normal times, about 25% of the motorists in California operate without insurance.

As the economy continues to sag, that number is going up.

California allows motorists to operate with as little as $15,000 in liability coverage. As the economy sags, more drivers are buying the lower limit policies.

If you are the victim of a left turning car that cuts you off, this means that a lot of the time, you are going to be out of luck economically as well as having serious injuries from an accident. Unless, that is, you get decent uninsured motorist coverage. The higher your uninsured motorist limit, the better you are protected. If the other driver has no coverage, your UM coverage will protect you up to its limit. If the other driver has low limits, your UM coverage will act as “under insured” motorist coverage, or UIM. In this case, your insurance will effectively act to increase the available policy limit to the level of UM coverage you have purchased.

Given the high medical expenses and long time off work that can result from an accident, motorcycle riders need to get this coverage.

Remember, also, that there is still some medical insurance out there that won’t cover you for motorcycle related injuries, and most motorcycle policies don’t provide much, if any, payment of medical bills other than UM coverage.

Surprisingly, it is relatively inexpensive coverage to purchase.

I always feel a pang of sympathy for a rider that buys an aftermarket pipe for a new motorcycle, but then rides without uninsured motorist coverage.

Remember, this is one of the few places on your policy where the coverage you are buying protects YOU, not someone else.

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