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Carnegie Park Dirt Bike Day

This last weekend I rented a dirt bike from Thunder Road Motorsports, in their Livermore location.

The owner, Michael, and his wife came down specially to set me up, and waited for me at the end of the day.  This is amazing, since they live about an hour from the location.  Although I didn’t need it, Michael also loaned me a loading ramp at no charge.

Carnegie Park is about a half hour away, and has everything you need for a day of fun.

I used the concrete loading platform at the park, and was able to avoid the hassle of using the loading ramp.  They sell food, equipment, clothing, and fix flat tires, and there are real indoor bathrooms.

Of course, I managed to cut my thumb unloading the bike, so I bled all over the place until I located a cleansing wipe and a band aid.  After this auspicious start, I began to explore the park.  There are motocross tracks of various levels, enough flat terrain to get started, and plenty of trails into the hills and canyon.

The trails are marked, so you can stay at your level.  Green for beginner, blue for intermediate, black for expert.  I managed to stay mostly upright, with the exception of one hill that was a little too steep.  Even this was no problem, as it was a nice grassy place, and neither the bike nor myself was any worse for wear.

They have picnic tables, covered spots to eat while avoiding the sun, and lots of parking for the RV crowd.  I didn’t find it too crowded, even though there was a national level hill climb event.

All in all, a great way to spend your day.

Thunder Road Motorsports is listed online as being in San Francisco, but the phone number is the same.

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