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Cycleport Comes Through Again

Wayne Boyer has done it again.

One of my favorite summer pieces of riding gear is my Motoport (CyclePort) Cordura jeans. Even my wife likes the way these look, and they actually, truly, are more comfortable than my regular denim jeans.

I had these made a few years ago, when I sent my then-favorite jeans to be copied. A few weeks later, voila! Body armor where you would want it, same measurements as favorite jeans, softer and more comfortable, more breathable, and capable of saving my hide in a slide situation.

Fortunately, a miracle happened, and I lost a little weight. Suddenly, the riding gear was looking a little peculiar and baggy.

No problem. I called Wayne at Motoport, explained that even his regularly fast service might be put to the test, because I wanted the gear for an upcoming ride, and he gave me the royal treatment, once again. A few days later the jeans arrived, perfectly altered, and I am back on the road.

Incredibly, Wayne provides this service at his cost. No one can figure out how he does it.

Anyway, thank you once again. Very handy service, given that the gear lasts decades.

By the way, this kills riding in jeans that have Kevlar patches, but no body armor. It is so much nicer to know that the whole pair of pants is made to slide, and that the places most at risk have multi part armor covering.

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