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How Motorcycle Helmets for Women are the New Fashion Statement

More and more women are jumping on motorcycles and hitting the road each day, and the female motorcycle gear market is continually expanding as a result. There is a vast range of unique motorcycle helmets for women, so many female riders use the protective hats to make bold fashion statements. With the assortment of styles and colors to choose from, women bikers can wear trendy helmets without sacrificing safety or function.

Making a Fashion Statement

If you want to make an unforgettable statement with your motorcycle helmet, there are certain factors to consider. Standing out in the crowd and being admired for your fashion sense takes more than just grabbing the first hot pink sparkle helmet you see. Popular styles of motorcycle gear change each season just as they do with other types of accessories or clothing.

Current trends for female motorcycle helmets include eye-catching, vibrant colors that pop against dark surfaces. You may see neon graphics such as butterflies, roses, hearts or delicate lacy patterns, but many cutting edge helmet designers are going for more distinctive looks. Snarky catch phrases, animal prints and even female zombies are appearing on women’s helmets more and more.

Some helmet manufacturers are taking things one step further by focusing on the playful side of riding. You can now purchase a helmet with your favorite animal airbrushed on it, or you can choose one that has a hole for freeing your ponytail. There are even helmets that have brightly colored pigtails, braids and ponytails attached to the outer shell. If you’re less adventurous, you can still show your fun side by opting for a pink chin strap buckle or tinted shield.

Choosing the Right Style

The best motorcycle helmet to show the world you are fashion savvy is one that fits properly and represents your distinct personality. If you want a full-face helmet, you may want to don the Arai Vector 2 Blossom, or you may prefer the more hardcore vibe of the HJC CL-16 line. The Icon Alliance Chrysalis helmet gives you the best of both worlds with feminine colors and bold graphics.

If you’re looking for a helmet that permits more air to circulate around your face while you’re on your riding adventures, you may want to consider a beanie or three-quarter shell. Beanie helmets are classics worn by all types of riders, but they offer less protection than other styles. The three-quarter shells provide more coverage, but they still lack chin protection.

Bell, Speed and Strength, and Shoei make some of the best open-face helmets on the market. The Speed and Strength SS300 Wicked Garden is ideal for the woman who wants to show her devilish side. Bell’s Pit Boss flamed helmet is perfect for the fiery female rider. If you prefer a more understated way to show off your style, the Shoei RJ Platinum-R helmet in deep wine red is inconspicuously chic.

Considering Safety

Although women’s motorcycle helmets are becoming more trendy and fashionable, functionality and safety is equally as important. Keeping safety in mind means selecting a helmet that passes the requirements of the Department of Transportation and Snell Memorial Foundation. The protective features of a helmet should be the most important aspect of the statement you want to make as a female biker.

Motorcycle helmets for men are designed differently than those made for women. The sizing is unique for female helmets, and fit is a vital facet to consider. A helmet that is too loose or tight will not only be uncomfortable, it will be ineffective in protecting your skull from damage. You should also factor in ventilation, inner padding and facial protection. Choose a helmet that is manufactured with quality materials that can withstand various types of impact.

The best way to make a fashion statement with your helmet is to choose one you know you will wear. Your confidence in your selection will show every time you jump on your bike. There are numerous options to choose from, and many contemporary helmets are beautiful, feminine, sturdy and functional. Look for the ultimate combination of style, fit and safety, and you will be remembered in the biker and fashion world.

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