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Injured In An Accident As A Passenger

This article shares some great advice from Phoenix car accident attorney, Aaron Crane from Cantor Crane regarding passengers who are injured in an accident. A person that sustains injuries in a car accident may recover damages in the terms of compensation for bills and other expenditures that were incurred. There are several different factors that are considered when determining an amount that the injured person will receive.

Liability is something to consider

When the victim sues the driver of the other car in an auto insurance dispute, that person must be able to show that the other driver was at fault or liable. Someone in the equation has to be at fault. In the case of a single car accident, then the driver’s insurance policy will be the one the claim is given to. When there are two drivers involved in a car accident, it becomes a little more confusing. The liable driver is the insurance policy the claim is filed upon. In certain instances, both insurance companies can receive a claim. A good attorney will be able to help a car accident victim to determine what is the right thing to do.

What Are Damages?

The amount of money that will go for medical expenses, wages that are lost and car repairs are called damages. The victim in the accident is responsible for reporting and showing the evidence of these damages so that they can be compensated for them.

Filing a Claim is a Process

If there is a passenger in the car, they will want to get the insurance information from both of the drivers that were involved in the accident. If needed, this passenger can file a claim against both of the insurance companies. Different circumstances will decide whether or not the passenger claims a multiple or a single claim. They will need to decide if both drivers were negligent or if just one was. This can all be different if the accident occurred in a no fault state because for the medical expenses it is not required to prove that there was negligence on the driver.

To Settle the Claim

This is the next part of the car accident case process. When there are two parties involved, neither side may want to settle a case. They may claim that the other one was negligent, and they had no fault in the accident. If there are other passengers and many damages, this may also cause the drivers to not want to settle. There is a maximum amount that insurance policies will give out for compensation. If there are many passengers, they will all want to file a lawsuit. This is because they will want the negligent driver to have to pay them for the damages they have incurred.

Making Sure That Others Take Comparative Fault

Insurance companies are known to try and show that the victim was negligent and that caused their injuries and damages to the vehicle because of the accident. They may try to show that the driver was distracted by their own means or if there were passengers in the car, by theirs. This can reduce the amount of money a victim would receive for the damages in a comparative fault system state. It usually shows up in a percentage of the amount they would have received if they had no fault in what happened. Insurance companies are notorious at doing this, and they intend to prove some fault of the victim. This is why the victim should always retain an attorney after a car accident where there have been injuries and damages. They can assist the victim in getting the money that is rightfully theirs even though the insurance company of the other driver may try to tie it up in a court of law.

A car accident attorney in Phoenix is what Cantor Crane is known for. Car accident victims need to contact a car accident attorney in Phoenix in order to make sure that they get the proper compensation for the damages that they have suffered in the accident. Contact Cantor Crane at (602) 254-2701 when you have an accident for the best knowledge and experience you can find.

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