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Time To Plan

It is almost exactly six month from the 2008 Sturgis event, and almost exactly six month until the 2009 Sturgis event. I thought this would be a good time to remind everyone to make plans now, if you haven’t already.

Last year 400,000 riders attended, with advertisers, events, revenue for local governments, and all the fun, camaraderie, and tradition associated with this biggest of events.  Next year should be the same.

There is little evidence that the economy will play a major role in dampening attendance, although it may affect spending.  On the other hand, this event should be pretty close to the predicted end of the recession.

Whatever. Bottom line is that this year, like every year, Sturgis is the biggest and best event for motorcyclists, and everything else is second place at best.

Plan now, arrange now, get it together.

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