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We are not just lawyers representing motorcyclists. We’re riders, advocates and junkies for any newsworthy events in the motorcycle community. Michael Padway & Associates is here not only to provide excellent representation during your court case, but to educate you on motorcycle safety and protect a beloved American pastime with a great motorcycle blog!

Here in the Motorcycle Blog, you’ll find tasty tidbits on current events on the motorcycle community including news on motorcycle laws and local events. We’ll provide you with detailed product reviews, breaking down the best and worst of safety gear. You’ll also get groundbreaking updates on technological advancements in motorcycle specification and safety technology. We’ll help keep you safe with motorcycle safety tips and resources while helping you gear up for your next ride with unique local destinations to visit.

So sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

Safest Motorcycle Helmet Available

For several years I have been looking for a motorcycle helmet that deals with prevention of axonal brain injuries.  These are the injuries that result when the skull is quickly twisted in a motorcycle accident, usually as the helmet hits the pavement, a curb, or a four wheeled vehicle. Most brain injuries do not involve a skull fracture.  The helmet does a good job of preventing that type of injury.  However, the inside  of the skull has lots of sharp edges, and the brain floats insid... Read more

Legs, feet, pegs and Motorcycles

More thought is given to choice of motorcycle boots than most riders give to using their lower limbs while riding. I see bigger and bigger seats on some cruising motorcycles, and I wonder how many of those riders give thought to using body weight on the pegs to make the motorcycle do wonderful things. Think about the fact that when you lift your butt off the seat, your weight is transferred lower on the bike, down to the pegs.  Now lean to one side or the other, like a skier, and you can he... Read more

Springtime for Motorcycles – Wake Up and Smell The Miles

So we finally got some rain, plus its been cold, but this week we start spring.  Rain or shine, riding season is here.  Only the biggest wimps are leaving their bikes in the garage.    As Giles Lambpoints out in the latest issue of BIKE, now is the time to get into the groove. Slowly, like you are learning again, practice a little better each time. One thing to do for sure is practice panic stops.  You should comfortably be able to stop in 50 feet from 40 miles per hour, without triggeri... Read more

How To Buy a Used Motorcycle and Save

I recently needed to buy a motorcycle to use in reconstructing an accident.  There are issues in the case that required an identical motorcycle, and the original was not available.  I was looking for a specific year, model, and color, and I want the end product to have the same accessories as the original.  Since this involved a six year old motorcycle, used was the way to go. I did the usual stuff, tried to find a salvage bike that was complete enough for what I needed, checked Cycle Trad... Read more

Injured In An Accident As A Passenger

This article shares some great advice from Phoenix car accident attorney, Aaron Crane from Cantor Crane regarding passengers who are injured in an accident. A person that sustains injuries in a car accident may recover damages in the terms of compensation for bills and other expenditures that were incurred. There are several different factors that are considered when determining an amount that the injured person will receive. Liability is something to consider When the victim sues the driv... Read more

Protecting Yourself after a Car Accident

Protecting yourself after an accident is imperative! Below, Aaron Crane, an experienced car accident lawyer at Cantor Crane, explains how you can protect yourself after an accident. Practically every driver is going to be involved in at least one auto accident in their lifetime. We might all hope that these accidents are nothing more than a minor fender bender that gets resolved quickly, but that is not always the case. Some drivers and motorcycle riders will find themselves locked in an escalat... Read more

What’s Up with Harley?

For years Harley Davidson has been on the upswing, so recent slow sales have been disturbing, and not just to the companies stockholders. The consensus is that Harley owners have been getting older, as a group, and the average age is now a serious issue.  After all, unfortunately, no one can keep riding for ever.  Many older riders are choosing to hang it up. The result is that Harley needs to make an abrupt shift from its traditional $20,000 motorcycles to something more attractive to you... Read more

Motorcycle Speeding Ticket, Fight it?

As we get through the heart of winter, for some reason I started reading about speeding tickets.  If you go on the internet, you can't help but notice there is a huge business fighting traffic tickets.  For a few hundred bucks, these services mostly help you prepare for a trial by declaration, meaning you send in your defense by mail, and hope it flies. The whole topic got me wondering about the statistics involved, since we all know that traffic tickets are seen primarily as a cash cow by... Read more

Sharai Lithium Ion Motorcycle Battery

Motorcyclists are notorious for having multiple bikes, and some of us are notorious for storing their motorcycles during bad weather. Motorcycle batteries are an irritation, because they are small, and typically they don't last long.  Riders spend too much time and money buying battery chargers and futzing around with them. Even at that, all too often, we can't ride without going out and getting a new battery.  If we're lucky, we can ride to a dealership, maybe after getting a boost to sta... Read more

Motorcycle Braking – Hard and Fast

Keith Code has another great column in Motor Cyclist on braking. He never fails to get me thinking. Of course, the bottom line here is that most riders have a terrific fear of hard braking. Stoppies are for stunt riders. The rest of us want both wheels planted firmly on the road. Hard braking is also feared as a way of causing the bike to slide out. Not a good thing, and anything close brings that awful feeling to the gut. On the other hand, even if you are going to hit, hard braking ... Read more