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Welcome to the Michael Padway & Associates Motorcycle Blog

We are not just lawyers representing motorcyclists. We’re riders, advocates and junkies for any newsworthy events in the motorcycle community. Michael Padway & Associates is here not only to provide excellent representation during your court case, but to educate you on motorcycle safety and protect a beloved American pastime with a great motorcycle blog!

Here in the Motorcycle Blog, you’ll find tasty tidbits on current events on the motorcycle community including news on motorcycle laws and local events. We’ll provide you with detailed product reviews, breaking down the best and worst of safety gear. You’ll also get groundbreaking updates on technological advancements in motorcycle specification and safety technology. We’ll help keep you safe with motorcycle safety tips and resources while helping you gear up for your next ride with unique local destinations to visit.

So sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

5 + 1 Iconic Motorcycle Films: What to Watch This Winter

August is summer’s Sunday, and the dog days of summer make for perfect riding conditions in North America. But winter is coming. It’ll be here before you know it. Unless you like watching the same races you DVRed during the season, you’re going to want a good line up of biker flicks to chase the […]

Motorcycle Red Light Sensor Frustration

  Is It OK for Motorcyclists to “Run” Red Lights? Of course it’s not OK for motorcyclists to speed through traffic, weaving in and out, running red lights, popping wheelies, and generally being a nuisance around town. That’s not what I’m talking about. Frustration at the stop light If you ride a motorcycle, you’ve probably […]

The Ultimate Motorcycle Safety Guide: Tips for New Riders

1. Stay safe with a well-maintained motorcycle It’s wise to consider the motorcycle itself as a part of your plan to stay safe on the road. Motorcycles have much tighter tolerances than automobiles. Motorcycles require fastidious and consistent maintenance in order to stay safe on the road. Tires Literally “where the rubber meets the road,” […]

Safer Motorcycling: With or Without Helmet Laws?

  Motorcycle Helmet laws are a great source of contention among motorcyclists all over the United States. Arguments about helmet laws often devolve into fights about individual rights vs. the forces of collectivism. On one hand, many people believe individuals have the right to choose between wearing a helmet and not wearing a helmet. On the […]

How To: Choose an Aftermarket Exhaust

How To: Choose an Aftermarket Exhaust   Photo: Maurizio Zanetti CC   Like almost everything else in the motorcycling realm, loud pipes are a subject of great contention among motorcyclists and the driving public. Some bikers and aftermarket exhaust manufacturers proudly claim “Loud Pipes Save Lives!” Others just like the sound. Crash statistics indicate that […]

Motorcycle Crashes: What To Do Before, During and After An Accident

Motorcycle Crashes: What To Do Before, During and After An Accident Photo: Stephen JonesCC It’s a question of when, not if. If you ride a motorcycle long enough, you will go down eventually. What you do before, during, and after your motorcycle crash may just save your life, so it pays to pay attention and […]

How to Find a Local Group to Ride With

Photo: Craig Howell CC Ask any motorcyclist about riding solo. Some say they love it, and it helps them clear their heads after a long week at work. Others say riding alone is boring and potentially dangerous. The most dangerous motorcycle accidents occur when riding alone. What if there’s nobody around to see you when you […]

How To Choose and Care For Your Motorcycle Helmet

Photo: Rich CC Safety gear is required wearing around here. Even in states where it’s legal, we recommend never taking off on your motorcycle without a helmet. Wearing a helmet is just good policy. Sure, you could fall off your porch tomorrow morning and hit your head hard enough to be fatal, but the risks […]

A Short History of Motorcycle Antilock Brakes

Photo: Raniel Diaz CC Motorcycling purists rolled their eyes. Racers thought wasting almost 25 pounds on it was silly. The year was 1988. It was the end of an era in motocross and Eddie Lawson stole the Grand Prix Championship title from Wayne Gardner. The Cold War was about to end and BMW released the […]

Everything You Need To Know About Off-Road Riding

Photo: fasteddy760 | CC Many riders get acquainted with motorcycling on the street as adults. Well-informed riders know they need good education to stay safe on the street. After a few years, many riders start asking, “How can I get better?” And the answer is to ride less on the street and more in a […]