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What is A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

I just had a problem with suits from a tailor I have been using for more than 20 years.  Some of my measurements changed, but when I got the suits, they were way off in areas that we didn't change.  For instance, the jackets were way too long.  Believe me, I'm not getting taller.In a similar vein, my new glasses have to go back.  They are just unwearable.  The left lense only works if I tilt my head one way, the right if I tilt it a different way.  It is impossible to see clearly from ... Read more

Discrimination Against Motorcycle Riders

Nice Way to Wreck a RideThis week was a bad one for me because it brought up the issue of discrimination against motorcycle riders.First, I was on my Triumph Speed Triple, doing a Sunday Morning Ride kind of thing.  It's been a wet winter in California, and I wanted to start warming up my riding skills for the spring season.I get behind a car full of gang bangers at a stoplight. The thick smell of gange was beyond anything you could imagine.  There were so many  cues of gang activ... Read more

How to Settle Your Motorcycle Accident Claim

Frequently, riders ask me about settling their own claims following a motorcycle accident.  After all, they reason, it wasn't my fault and I'm not looking for blood.  Won't the insurance company want to settle my case?Unfortunately,  insurance companies have focused only on quarterly results for so many years, that they have forgotten completely about their purpose.  They now act as though the premiums are theirs to invest, and anyone making a claim is a criminal, to be treated like one.... Read more

Uninsured Motorist Coverage

In normal times, about 25% of the motorists in California operate without insurance.As the economy continues to sag, that number is going up.California allows motorists to operate with as little as $15,000 in liability coverage. As the economy sags, more drivers are buying the lower limit policies.If you are the victim of a left turning car that cuts you off, this means that a lot of the time, you are going to be out of luck economically as well as having serious injuries from an acc... Read more

Scooters, Mopeds and Go Peds

As we become ever more sensitive to miles per gallon, scooter sales have hit the roof.  Mini dealerships seem to be everywhere, and the scooters themselves are all around congested cities.Similarly, Mopeds and Go Peds are getting more use than ever before.Of course, careless motorists are making u-turns in front of them, cutting them off by making left hand turns in front of them, and changing lanes into them.Naturally, many of these riders are calling me for help.One question t... Read more