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We are not just lawyers representing motorcyclists. We’re riders, advocates and junkies for any newsworthy events in the motorcycle community. Michael Padway & Associates is here not only to provide excellent representation during your court case, but to educate you on motorcycle safety and protect a beloved American pastime with a great motorcycle blog!

Here in the Motorcycle Blog, you’ll find tasty tidbits on current events on the motorcycle community including news on motorcycle laws and local events. We’ll provide you with detailed product reviews, breaking down the best and worst of safety gear. You’ll also get groundbreaking updates on technological advancements in motorcycle specification and safety technology. We’ll help keep you safe with motorcycle safety tips and resources while helping you gear up for your next ride with unique local destinations to visit.

So sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

5 Ways to Stay Safe on Your Motorcycle

Riding a Motorcycle can be a very thrilling experience but never forget the dangers of riding as it could just save your life. To ride a motorcycle, both skill and judgement are key factors to staying safe. These factors are also part of the fun in riding as once perfected your rides will become much more enjoyable. To help you stay safe on your motorcycle, we have come up with 5 things to be conscious of when riding: Country Road Bends These roads can be tricky even for a car to travel... Read more

Why You Should Hire An Arizona Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you have recently been charged with a misdemeanor or felony crime, you will need to call upon the services of a top notch defense lawyer. Whether you have been charged with a domestic violence offense, a sex crime, possession of drugs or paraphernalia, shoplifting, or any other criminal offenses, the services of a highly experienced criminal attorney can help defend you and reduce the possibility of incurring jail time, fines, and long hours of community service. Possible Ways to Get Your ... Read more

Top Ten Motorcycle Twitter Feeds You Should Follow

@HarleyDavidson The official twitter feed for HD makes our top ten because they’re obviously a mogul within the motorcycle community, but following their twitter feed also means you get newsworthy updates on events and store specials across the country. You’ll also find a great bit of community influence on this page with “photo of the day” updates and links to their popular internet series “Rider Stories” which features interviews with female motorcycle riders. @ShoeiHelmetsUSA ... Read more

How Motorcycle Helmets for Women are the New Fashion Statement

More and more women are jumping on motorcycles and hitting the road each day, and the female motorcycle gear market is continually expanding as a result. There is a vast range of unique motorcycle helmets for women, so many female riders use the protective hats to make bold fashion statements. With the assortment of styles and colors to choose from, women bikers can wear trendy helmets without sacrificing safety or function. Making a Fashion Statement If you want to make an unforgettable s... Read more

10 Ways A Lightweight Motorcycle Helmet Will Make Your Ride Better

Motorcycle helmets have become lighter and more compact in recent years. They offer a great number of benefits for riders. Protective headgear enhances safety, improves comfort and reduces certain expenses. If you don't already wear a lightweight motorcycle helmet, please consider doing so. Here are the top ten ways that wearing a lightweight motorcycle helmet will improve your ride – you may be surprised at some of the most beneficial reasons to wear your helmet. 1. Staying Alive: Most imp... Read more

A Beginner’s Guide to Motorcycle Riding Jackets

If you’re a novice motorcycle rider, one of the most important items you can purchase is your motorcycle riding jacket. Your jacket should protect you while you’re riding, and it should be comfortable enough to wear during any adventure. Motorcycle jackets come in a variety of styles and materials, and each type offers a different advantage. Before you select a jacket, there are some factors you should consider. Motorcycle Jacket Fabrics When choosing a jacket fabric, consider your rid... Read more

What to Pack for a Cross Country Motorcycle Trip

When it comes to packing for a cross country motorcycle trip, there are a number of important things to keep in mind, including packing lightly, preparing for emergencies and dressing in layers. Less is More – Pack Lightly One of the most difficult parts about preparing for a cross country motorcycle trip is only taking what you need... nothing more and nothing less. No matter how hard we try, the tendency is to overpack. How many times have you come back from a trip to find that you did... Read more

Kevlar Motorcycle Riding Pants Review

A Kevlar Review of Motoport and Aerositch For many motorcyclists, Aerostich is synonymous with fabric riding gear.  Andy Goldstein has done a great job of branding, and works his butt off to provide great motorcycle riding pants at a reasonable price.  Riders like the somewhat heavy feel of the fabric, which gives a flattering outline of the rider, and feels like it will do the job in a crash, which it certainly will. Aerostitch has a number of inseam options for motorcycle riding pants, a... Read more

How Motorcycle Helmets Affect Vision and Hearing

To ride safer, here's how to maintain the highest level of vision and hearing while on the road Motorcycle riders who do not support universal helmet laws often argue that full-face helmets hinder their ability to see traffic obstacles and hear on-coming traffic therefore contributing to accidents. However, a study conducted by The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) argues that motorcyclists that wear helmets are twenty-nine percent less likely to suffer fatal injuries. I... Read more

Recent Motorcycle Accident Statistics

Motorcycle accident statistics 2013 The Center for Disease Control (CDC) released an article discussing recent years motorcycle accident statistics. The report indicates that a rise of motorcycle riders makes the rise of injury statistics a public safety concern. Between 2001 and 2008, more than 34,000 motorcyclists were killed and an estimated 1,222,000 persons were treated in a U.S. emergency department (ED) for a non-fatal motorcycle-related injury. The highest death and injury rates... Read more